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Why MDX-I Cloud

Infrastructure readiness and availability is key to the delivery of IT services for today’s CIO. IT Infrastructure Resources need to be rapidly and dynamically provisioned with easy management to take care of the changing needs of the business they support all the time. Hosting these IT resources in the cloud ensures agility and flexibility. However availability and reliability are key factors which need to be guaranteed to provide the same level of comfort, and even better, than what is traditionally available on premise.


Below are reasons why you must consider going with MDX-i as your Cloud Service Partner (CSP) for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


MDX-i IaaS is built on tested and trusted Cloud operating systems (VMware vCloud and Microsoft Cloud OS) that are compatible with your on-premise data center architecture allowing you to easily extend your on premise workload into the cloud, ensuring the smoothness of your full journey to the cloud.


  • Compute is comprised of 2.80GHz and 2.6GHz CPUs which provide you best processing power required to deliver best performance on applications hosted on your infrastructure.
  • Performance and Capacity based SAN Storage allow the best throughputs on disks ensuring you get the best disk performance on your applications with disk intensive or normal IOPs requirements.


  • Reduce latency to access service – data remains in-country
  • Offers compliance to sovereignty laws and compliance as data remains in-country
  • 24x7x365 In-Country Support.


  • A higher performance can be delivered for a lower price, based upon higher utilization and dynamic provisioning of resources
  • Direct relationships can be drawn between cloud expenditures and business outcomes (align to business transaction)
  • For High Performance Environments, The number of virtualized servers does affect the baseline price.


  • On demand capacities which can scale according to business requirements as and when needed
  • Dynamically repurpose resources according to business needs and agreed policies


  • Rapid deployment of services enables a faster time to market of new business capability (3 days to 5 days)


  • Security Infrastructure based on Service provider grade hardware and certified configuration in compliance with SAS 70, PCI DSS level 1 and ISO 27001
  • Multitenant environment ensures secure logical separation of compute nodes. Optionally client can request for dedicated networking and security services
  • Security addresses on three levels: Physical network layer, perimeter security on network and security groups.


  • Our cloud infrastructure is engineered using globally known and trusted platforms with worldwide support hence the integration with current systems is simplified.