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Enabling Education Technology in West Africa

Technology is bringing new multimedia resources to the classroom, including digital curricula, online streaming resources and more. Advanced communications infrastructure is making this possible, providing the high-speed bandwidth to connect classrooms, educators and administrators. New collaboration, mobility and data solutions are revolutionizing the way educational institutions deliver tuition, train and support staff, manage budgets and prepare for the future.
From e-learning platforms to video conferencing, students, teachers, staff, parents and school communities have every reason to be excited about developments in personalized learning, professional development and equitable through ICT.
MainOne provides technology solutions to over 50 tertiary institutions across West Africa. MainOne is also the strategic partner of the West and Central African Research and Education Network and provides high-speed bandwidth services to the institution and its partner schools, colleges and universities, research and the general academic community across West and central Africa.
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What should you expect?

Democratize education

Employ web conferencing to deliver key classes to a wider online audience. Mobile apps can liberate learning from classrooms by being accessible, interactive and fun.

Embrace eLearning platforms

Help students learn more effectively by accessing online resources, uploading photos and video, using wikis, blogging or chatting with other students and teachers.

Scalability and Flexibility

What if you could meet your growing bandwidth needs for decades without an increase in cost? A high-capacity, scalable, interconnected backbone handles evolving connectivity requirements better than any other. MainOne’s scalable connectivity solutions will allow you to grow and maintain a stable budget for the long-term.

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