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Copyright Infringement Policy

Main One Cable Company Nigeria Limited (“MainOne”) is required by both local laws and legislations, and international rules and practices to monitor and prevent any form of copyright infringement via its communication networks. MainOne has a corresponding obligation to support efforts at preventing any form of copyright infringement. The use of MainOne’s network in violation of copyright under any applicable law therefore constitutes a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) already incorporated into our Master Service Agreement.

Unauthorized downloads, or sharing of electronic copies of music, movies, or videos constitutes copyright infringements. Copyright holders frequently monitor websites and other popular download locations to record the title, date, time, and Internet Protocol (IP) address associated with infringing activity.

The copyright holder determines the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that manages the IP address and sends them a notice describing the event. When we receive such notices, we determine what customer was assigned the IP address at the date(s) and time(s) listed in the notice(s). We only track IP address assignment and not how or where the IP address is used. MainOne does not monitor or track customer activity on the Internet.

MainOne sends notification to its users of the infringing IP address, informing them of the alleged copyright infringement demanding an immediate discontinuation of such infringing activities. MainOne however, does not release a customer’s identity to the copyright holder unless we are required to do so by law or by an order of a duly constituted authority, local or international.

MainOne reserves the right to apply its internal escalation procedure, in the event of any continued notifications of infringements against the user. Continuous infringements will be treated as a violation of MainOne’s AUP. Appropriate action, which could include, but not limited to, the loss of the use of the protocol application, blocked Bit Torrent, reduction of the customer’s bandwidth or termination of their account may be applied to curtail further acts of infringements with the IP Address.

Customers are however welcome to file any counter notification to MainOne or the Copyright holder, if they feel that a mistake has been made or that the copyright for the material mentioned is not being infringed upon, they may also wish to seek legal advice from an attorney if they receive a copyright infringement notice.