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Create sustainable pathways to a digital government

Traditionally, governments have faced a challenge procuring affordable technology that enables easy access to information and protects their privacy. Not anymore.
Scalable digital technology and cloud computing means government agencies now have an unprecedented opportunity to create citizen-based online services. Policy makers now have big goals – enable eGovernance and improve citizen engagement, equitable healthcare, improved data mining and revenue generation, minimize the impacts of natural disasters, community services that reach people as needed and schools that prepare a smart workforce.
MainOne connects government agencies, empowering them to deliver a more open and collaborative mode of government thus delivering on government goals and policies. MainOne provides broadband infrastructure via connectivity, cloud and data centres to West Africa’s biggest Ministries, Departments and Agencies. Collocating critical infrastructure for the Nigerian Government moved the country 24 points up the ranks on the Ease of doing business and earned the company a national recognition. MainOne has coverage across 10 countries in the region.
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What should you expect?

Cost effective solutions

Our national coverage provides significant economies of scale. Services stretch across the continent for all to access any time with our fully integrated national service.

Secure Communications

We provide the level of network security that citizens expect of their government, allowing them to interact safely with the knowledge that confidential data is protected.

A holistic national approach

Our integrated approach based on compatible platforms helps to facilitate the increasing need to share services, data or communications within and between governments.
Connectivity solutions will allow you to grow and maintain a stable budget for the long-term.

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