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MainOne leads African brands at ITW 2014

MainOne, a leading provider of innovative telecom services and network solutions for businesses in West Africa is shining the spotlight on Africa at the International Telecommunications Week (ITW) 2014 in Chicago this week.

MainOne is playing a major role, being a prime sponsor of the conference, and is also the sponsor of a panel session focussed on Africa with participants including global telecom companies and regional players from around the continent.

The ITW conference is an annual meeting point for the global wholesale telecommunications community, and is expected to host over 5,000 delegates from about 1,800 companies representing over 150 countries, to interact and discuss the latest market developments and business opportunities.

Speaking ahead of the conference in Lagos, Ms. Opeke said, “We believe that our input at the International Telecoms Week will continue our efforts to enhance broadband Internet penetration in West Africa and especially Nigeria, so that MainOne can continue to lead the data boom that is currently taking place in our region”. She noted that MainOne has consistently been at the forefront of this development of broadband services, saying, “We remain committed to driving the growth in broadband penetration in Nigeria and West Africa to match the rest of the world.

In addition, Ms. Opeke will moderate a panel session at the conference to discuss among other things: the impact of new services and technologies on carriers and operators in Africa, Africa’s movement to Cloud services, and how infrastructure sharing models are enhancing broadband penetration, operational efficiency and QoS across Africa.

Her perspectives as a major player in the telecoms industry in West Africa, and her position as the CEO of MainOne has drawn a large audience to this forum in previous years as global players have sought to gain insights on the telecoms market, ICT Infrastructure deployment and the future of broadband in West Africa.


May 12, 2014