What Do I Get When I Subscribe to the Service?

  • Always-On Clean and Legitimate Traffic of up to 155Mbs
  • Guarantee Business Continuity during a DDoS attack: Stop DDoS attacks before they reach your network and affect your business operation.
  • Multi-Layered DDoS Protection: Offers multi-layered protection, optimized for online business and data center protection from all DDoS attack vectors from Layer 3-7.
  • Automated Zero Day Attack Mitigation: The protection network, built on Radware’s DDoS technology provides automatic protection for zero-day and unknown attacks.
  • Behavioral-Based Detection for Highest Accuracy: The behavioral-based detection capability of the solution can detect attacks in a very short time frame with minimal false positives. In-depth traffic analysis and attack detection is done quicker and more accuratelythan traditional DDoS protection.
  • Real time Reporting: The MainOne customer portal provides full visibility for customers to have real time insight and reporting before, during and after an attack.
  • Robust Global Cloud Security Network: The MainOne Protection solution is able to scales to over 2Tbps of Radware’s global mitigation capability spread strategically across scrubbing centers around the world