Who do I contact for enquiries and complaints?

General and sales Enquiries: sme@mainone.net
Technical Support, Complaints and feedback: smesupport@mainone.net
Billing Enquiries or complaints: smebilling@mainone.net
Telephone: +234 809 040 4230

How long does it take to set up?

Your SME-IN-A-BOX service will be up and running within 3 -10 working days from after receiving an order. Our representative will contact you via email as soon as possible to confirm the date your service will start.

How can I find out if the service is available in my area?

Please visit our website on SME@mainone.net and submit your contact details. A MainOne representative will contact you to advise you on availability in your area.

Is the service capped?

No, the service is UNCAPPED. This means that you do not have to worry about running out of data during the course of the month irrespective of your bandwidth utilization.

What is a contended service?

A contended service is one whose available bandwidth is dependent on the ratio of the maximum demand to the actual bandwidth. The higher the ratio the lower the attainable bandwidth will be and the slower the connection.


Majority of the internet services available are highly contended even though they quote the highest maximum speed but usually only guarantee a minimum data throughput. The highest maximum speed is usually only achieved at off peak times, for example at night. This is not suitable for businesses as slowness in connection can adversely impact on business operations. We guarantee a fixed connection speed regardless of the time of day that it’s being used or regardless of how many customers are on our network per time.

What is symmetrical bandwidth speed?

Symmetrical bandwidth implies that you have the same speed configured on both the upload and download. Non-contended/dedicated speed means that you are not sharing bandwidth capacity with others. This ensures faster speed and assures you of getting what you pay for every time.

What are the available bandwidth options on MainOne SME-IN-A-BOX?

Choosing the right service plan that is suitable to meet your business requirements is vital to ensuring that you get the best value for money. The right service plan depends upon many factors such as the number of connected devices, applications accessed online and file download and uploads among others. Please contact our SME@mainone.net for advice. There is also the opportunity to burst beyond the contractual bandwidth whenever required at no extra charges.

What else do I get for subscribing for the service?

At the commencement of the service, a web self-care portal is provided to enable you monitor your traffic utilization, make payment for the service and also to log complaints/requests. Etc. A default username and password is sent to you in the welcome email. You are required to change this password after first login. See details of how to change your password below;

Step 1: Login to azotel.com/customer portal using your old login credentials.

Step 2: Select the ‘Change Password’ menu then type the new password and confirm the password.

Step 3: Click on ‘Change Password’.

If I don’t want to keep my current telephone number what do I need to do?

You can choose to cancel your fixed voice service with your voice service provider. MainOne will provide you with new 11 digit DID (Direct inward Dial) numbers when you sign up for the SME-IN-A-BOX service.

How will I know when my numbers have been ported?

MainOne will confirm from our partner and send you a notification that the number porting has been successful.

How do I know that my number is valid for porting?

According to NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission), porting is only available on the 11 digit Mobile number range. Therefore, you may not be able to port your existing 9 digit landline. To confirm that your number is valid for number porting, please contact MainOne via SME@mainone.net.

Can I keep my existing landline number to use the voice services?

Yes, you can keep your existing phone numbers. You can also choose to port to our voice service which is a part of the product bundle.

What are the call rates for the telephone service?

You can enjoy competitive call rates to both local and international destinations on our SME-IN-A-BOX service. Calls between your branches within our network are zero rated.

How many telephone lines will I get from my MainOne SME-IN-A-BOX service?

You will receive free telephone numbers ranging from 2 lines and above depending on your service plan. However you can increase this lines as your business need demands.

What kind of telephone service do I get?

The voice service is a fixed telephone landline service with standard features such as caller ID, call waiting and conference call. Our voice service is offered in partnership with a trusted and reliable partner ensuring that you enjoy superior quality voice calls to both local and international destinations at competitive rates.

What is the fibre optic cable?

Fibre optic cable uses lasers to transmit pulses of light down extremely fine strands of silicon. Because light uses higher frequencies, fibre optic cable can carry thousands of times more data than either electric signal or radio waves. Fibre optics can provide nearly unlimited bandwidth potential, so this solution can accommodate bandwidth upgrades at the speed of light.

When can I cancel my service?

The SME-IN-A-BOX service is a 12 month service term. You may choose to cancel any time you wish after the initial 12 months, subject to a one month’s official notice to MainOne via email on SME@mainone.net, without penalty.

What is the minimum contract length?

The contract length for the service is 12 months.

What happens to my service when I relocate from my current office location?

Our support team will be happy to assist you relocate the service to your new office location provided the new location is within our coverage area. It is highly recommended that you notify us via email on SME@mainone.netof your relocation plans minimum 72hrs before the intended relocation date and we shall do our best to make sure your relocation is as smooth as possible. Terms and
Conditions apply.

What payment options are available?

You can pay for the service via Debit card or credit card. To renew the service, kindly login to your account on your web self-care portal. Please note that for bank transfers you are required to send a notification and proof of payment to our billing team on SMEbilling@mainone.net.

How is the service billed?

The SME-IN-A-BOX service is a pre-paid service. This implies that you are required to pay for the service in advance.

What do I get when I subscribe to the service?

The SME-IN-A-BOX service gives you access to 5 (five) service plans comprising of internet and voice options to suit your budget. At your request, we can also take care of your onsite LAN/Wi-fi installations and support.

How do I sign up for the SME-IN-A-BOX Service?

You can sign up online on www.mainone.net/sme, via Email:SME@mainone.net or call our service desk on +234 809 040 4230

What is the SME-IN-A-BOX service?

MainOne’s SME-IN-A-BOX is a bundled service specifically designed to provide high speed internet, crystal clear fixed voice solutions to small and medium enterprises in Nigeria. Our solution is a simple to use, plug and play service that helps drive business growth, productivity and profitability without compromising quality and value for money.

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