What do I get when I subscribe to the Service?

Always-On Clean and Legitimate Traffic of up to 155Mbps

Guarantee Business Continuity during a DDoS attack: Stop DDoS attacks before they reach your network and affect your business operations.

Multi-Layered DDoS Protection: Offers multi-layered protection, optimized for online business and datacenter protection from all DDoS Attack Vectors from Layer 3 – 7.

Automated Zero Day Attack Mitigation: The protection network, built on Radware’s DDoS technology provides automatic protection for zero-day and unknown attacks.

Behavioral-Based Detection for Highest Accuracy: The behavioral-based detection capability of the solution can detect attacks in a very short timeframe with minimal false positives. In-depth traffic analysis and attack detection is done quicker and more accurately than traditional DDoS protection.

Real time Reporting: The MainOne customer portal provides full visibility for customers to have real time insight and reporting before, during and after an attack.

Robust Global Cloud Security Network: The MainOne Protection solution is able to scales to over 2Tbps of Radware’s global mitigation capability spread strategically across scrubbing centers around the world.

What level of visibility do I have to the service provided?

MainOne offers dedicated portal for customers to have a real time insight into their traffic flow and for reporting before, during and after an attack.

What is the volumetric attack capability of MainOne’s solution?

The MainOne Protection solution is able to scales to over 2Tbps of Radware’s global mitigation capability, spread strategically across scrubbing centers around the world.

How many attack mitigations is covered per month?

MainOne DDoS protection offers unlimited number of mitigations per month.

What happens to my existing firewall when I subscribe to MainOne DDoS Protection?

MainOne DDoS Protection is a complementary service that specifically protect your network against DDoS attacks and is not intended to replace existing security infrastructure.

Which DDoS Attack Vectors am I protected against?

MainOne DDoS protection solution provides protection against all known attack vectors and includes:

Volumetric Attack
Application Layer Attack

What level of DDoS Protection do I get?

MainOne DDoS protection provides comprehensive protection against network and application layer attacks, providing mitigation across the OSI layer 3 to Layer 7.

How does the DDoS Protection Service Work?

MainOne DDoS Protection service is a fully managed DDoS protection solution that provides an Always-On DDoS attack mitigation as customer internet traffic is diverted and constantly passed through the solution. The solution therefore monitors, detect and mitigate any DDoS attack traffic targeted at the customer.

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