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Digital Lagos – Broadband for All

The Broadband Imperative

The incoming Sanwo-Olu administration has set a strategic imperative to make Lagos a 21st Century Economy. This vision is based on the five pillars T.H.E.M.E which include Transportation & Traffic Management, Health and Environment, Education and Technology, Making Lagos a 21st Century Economy, Entertainment and Tourism.


The future of Lagos State and the success of the pillars depend on the speedy implementation of a Broadband strategy and its supporting fiber infrastructure, hence Digital Lagos.

Possibilities for Lagos through Broadband

Digital Lagos is a program designed by MainOne, the leading facilitator of the Internet ecosystem in West Africa to enable the digitization of Lagos. In 2013, MainOne deployed a fiber pilot in Yaba in partnership with the Lagos State Government, ccHub and Technovision and the outcome has been phenomenal. Yaba is now known as Yabacon Valley and MainOne’s fiber investment has helped attract startups like Andela, ccHub, Paga, Hotels.ng and Flutterwave raise over USD500million Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Digital Lagos builds on that track record.

It should be noted that ICT contribution to GDP in Nigeria has grown from approx. 8% to 12.4% in the last 5 years.
ICT contribution to GDP in NigeriaSecurity

Broadband will support the deployment of surveillance cameras to efficiently monitor traffic, streets activity, and provide real-time data to security officials to minimize crime and enhance public safety.

This is a key component of the Lagos Smart City Plan and fiber is an absolute requirement to connect as many cameras as will be required.Digital_Lagos_Broadband_For_All_Security_Cameras
Job Creation

Following the deregulation of the telecoms industry in 2001, access to ICT has been responsible for over 2 million direct and indirect jobs in the areas of distribution, content development, and infrastructure.

The ICT sector has created an estimated 2.5 million jobs over a 10-year period from 2004 – 2014. Nigeria’s ICT roadmap has a goal of creating 2 million high paying jobs by 2020.Digital_Lagos_Broadband_For_All_Nigeria_ICT_Sector_roadmap
ICT contribution to job creation in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2018
Financial System Integration

Kenya serves as a model for digital finance and has demonstrated what ICT can do for financial inclusion and innovation. In 2018 alone, online transactions in Kenya stood at Sh3.98 trillion (US$38.5 billion), about half of Kenya’s GDP. Over 90% of Kenyans have access to mobile payments and digital finance enabled by quality Internet connectivity. 

 Nigeria has set a financial inclusion target of 80% for 2020 and online access will be critical to get there.Digital_Lagos_Broadband_For_All_Financial_Insclusion

Affordable Broadband in schools will not only improve the quality of students graduating from our school systems, but also the capacity of the teachers. The new administration can improve upon programs such as CODELAGOS which will prepare our youth for 21st Century Jobs thereby safeguarding their future employment possibilities.

Digital Lagos will ensure connectivity services are available in schools, public parks, libraries to boost learning activities.Digital_Lagos_Broadband_For_All_Connectivity_Services _For_Schools

MainOne’s Strategic Plan for Lagos

MainOne’s Digital Lagos Plan will deploy world-class, open-access fiber optic networks through all LGAs and business districts in the State, including the fast-growing population centers of Amuwo Odofin, Ikorodu and Epe.

The resulting network would provide connectivity to critical Lagos state institutions and can easily be extended to other locations:

  • 94% of 1,259 known Health Centers
  • 97% of 3,046 known Schools and Universities
  • Over 300 Government Agencies and Commissions
  • Up to 10,000 state CCTV locations
  • Unlimited public Wi-Fi hotspots and Smart City components


Lagos Planned Metro NetworkDigital_Lagos_Broadband_For_All_Lagos_Planned_Metro_Network


Why MainOne is the Number 1 choice!

Through the proposed investment, MainOne will enable the digitization of Lagos State, accelerate job creation and economic growth, and support the future of Lagos as a 21st century Mega-City. The indigenously owned company has an unparalleled track record of excellence.

  • MainOne has invested over ₦120 billion in infrastructure across West Africa and beyond, funded by leading African banks.
  • MainOne deployed almost 1,000kms of fiber in Edo and Ogun States to expand Broadband Access in partnership with Facebook.
  • In 2010, MainOne deployed the first private, Open Access Submarine Cable System between Nigeria and Portugal.
  • MainOne has been licensed as the Lagos Fiber Broadband InfraCo by the NCC since 2016.

MainOne’s plan for a Digital Lagos is inspired by the vision of Lagos State’s Governor-Elect, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who stated recently that under his government, “Technology will improve education, government efficiency, give entrepreneurs and SMEs the opportunity to thrive, create more jobs and enhance public-private sector partnerships.”


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