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Enjoy optimized and reliable Internet connectivity to Microsoft Cloud services.

MainOne’s Microsoft Azure Peering Service aims to improve your business connectivity to Microsoft Cloud services such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Teams or other Software as a Service (SaaS) products running on Azure. Customer traffic takes the shortest path into the Microsoft network. This results in a faster, more reliable connection that can positively affect the experience of your employees and customers.

By routing traffic directly to Microsoft’s secured global network via the nearest Edge Point-of-Presence (PoP) locations, MainOne will deliver reliable and high-performance public IP connectivity. The Peering Service is a dedicated service that works with the Public IP address to access all Microsoft suites of SaaS products. It offers an improved and secured way of connecting to Microsoft Cloud Services and applications utilizing Public IP addresses.


Network Security
Guarantees network security and data privacy for enterprises concerned that their traffic may be hijacked or disrupted when accessing Microsoft services via the public internet as it enables the routing of the enterprise traffic via preferred paths even when malicious activity is detected.
Direct Access
Accessibility to Microsoft’s secured global network
Optimal Performance
Best public routing over the internet to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for optimal performance and lower latency across West Africa.
Traffic Insights
Includes latency reporting and prefix monitoring
Internet latency
Telemetry and route monitoring: Access to telemetry capabilities such as Route analytics and statistics which enables the detection of Border Gateway protocol route anomalies (leak or hijack detection) and suboptimal routing. With these insights, customers have a better understanding of their network performance to Microsoft online services on a hop by hop basis.

Want to optimize your access to Microsoft 365 applications?

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