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Features & Benefits


  • Logically Isolated/Dedicated Compute:CPU and Memory combinations that give you the most flexible server options.

High Performance SAN Storage:

  • Provides fast secure access to stored data
  • MDX-i’s Capacity grade Storage are optimized for low IOPs systems typically for files services, archiving and backup.
  • Performance Storage optimized for medium to high IOPs environments, typically database and critical applications


  • Enterprise grade logically separated Network is provided through software defined network configuration and ensuring exclusive access to your resources always.
  • 1 Public IP provided by default, additional IPs can be subscribed to. Private IP range available in single or multiple subnets.
  • Dedicated network access option for additional security.
  • Access to MainOne’s Leased Circuit and/or Internet Breakout services with open access to 3rd party networks


  • Service provider grade security includes firewall Software-defined security, Secure VPN Access and IPS,
  • Ensures higher level of security than on-premise.


  • MDX-I’s enterprise grade cloud infrastructure platform provides subscribers with stable and reliable cloud services. The platform is built to support major hypervisors and applications with little or no need for modification.
  • MDX-I has invested in enterprise grade infrastructure and services in order to provide stable and reliable cloud services at a cost effective price to enterprise businesses.
  • Our flexible platform incorporates various options to enable cloud hosted solutions specifically for enterprise businesses.
  • Our experienced In-Country Cloud Operations and Support team have been trained to specifically support all your needs 24/7/365, while our technology partners are on standby to provide assistance when required.
  • MDX-I provides local support and insights that are invaluable to the success of cloud deployment, network, security and compliance requirements and ensuring data sovereignty.